Hiya! Come see us at 3496 Washington Street in Jamaica Plain

Welcome to our show. Ever wondered what hilarious comedians from big fancy TV shows do the rest of the week? Sometimes they appear at your neighborhood bar! The funniest in New England and beyond can now be found in the wilds of JP on every single Sunday night at 9pm FOR FREE. Also featuring, cheap beers!

Even better, if you stick around after 10pm, our show magically transforms into an open mic! You can see some of the city’s best, whether it’s comedians, musicians, poets, sketch performers, or storytellers, working out their kinks and developing their craft. If you’re interested in performing at the mic, it’s super easy. Just arrive, write your name down on a list, and next thing you know you’ll be onstage! Sets are 5 minutes or 2 songs, depending on what you do.

And there’s more! Midway Or The Highway Presents a whole extra bonus show every fourth Wednesday from 6-8pm. Unbelievable comics from New England and beyond forego fancy places to come through and test their mettle against one of our wild obstacles/themes. Just five bucks fixes your whole week! Check out our Facebook for the latest lineup!

Your hosts are Angela Sawyer, Gabe Stoddard, and Terence Pennington. They can’t wait to see you laughing.


So usually we have a show on Sundays at 9, but once in a while, there’s also Wednesdays at 6. And the shows are incredible. Here’s some of them:

Idm Theftable came by and absolutely slayed with a performance that was halfway between a story and a song.

It was Rod’s birthday, so instead of doing standup he sang us a song about an insecure butterfly.