Welcome to our show. Every Sunday, you can see some of the city’s best comedians, musicians, poets, sketch performers, and more. If you’re interested in performing at the mic, it’s super easy. Just arrive, put your name on a slip of paper in our silver bucket, and next thing you know you’ll be onstage! Sets are 5 minutes or 2 songs, depending on what you do. Your hostsĀ are Angela Sawyer and Gabe Stoddard, and they can’t wait to see what you’ve got.


Idm Theftable came by and absolutely slayed with a performance that was halfway between a story and a song.

Haven’t seen Eleanor come around for awhile, but man I’m glad she did.

This was a great music performance. Fantastic lyrics from Elliott!

It was Rod’s birthday, so instead of doing standup he sang us a song about an insecure butterfly.

Beatboxing sounds like pigs having a feast together.