Discord Finally Adds Text Chat Support in Voice Channels

Discord Finally Adds Text Chat Support in Voice Channels

Discord is rolling out a new free feature that finally adds a text chat option in Voice channels.

Every Text Channel Permission on Discord EXPLAINED!

In this video, I explain in detail what every one of the text channel permissions on your discord server means and I show you what they do.

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Text chat directly added inside voice channels by Discord

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New Delhi, June 02 (ANI): Discord, the Slack-like chat and streaming app, has enabled a new dedicated text chat feature for voice channels. According to The Verge, by clicking on a new chat bubble icon for the voice channel they are participating in, users of the platform can take advantage of the new feature, aptly named Text Chat in Voice Channels. The feature is a welcome quality of life change, similar to the chat window in Zoom calls that many are used to in this day and age.(JA)
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Enable Text in Voice | Discord Text & Voice Channels COMBINED

Discord currently has a new feature for Community servers. You can enable Text in Voice to combine voice and text channels into one with a single button. Every existing voice channel will have a text channel to go along with it. It’s simple to set up and this video shows the very basic usage.

0:00 – Explanation
0:25 – Enable Text in Voice
1:12 – How to use Text in Voice
1:36 – Does Text in Voice keep chat history? Yes.
1:46 – View Text in Voice without joining? Yes.

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