The First Step – Fallout 4 Guide

The First Step – Fallout 4 Guide

This Walkthrough to The First Step Mission in Fallout 4 will guide you through every step of this Sanctuary and Tenpines Bluff-based quest. It is possible that

Fallout 4 Walkthrough – Quest: The First Step – No Commentary

Fallout 4 Walkthrough – Quest: The First Step – No Commentary


General walkthrough for Fallout 4 Quest Chain “The First Step” with no commentary

Fallout 4 – The First Step Achievement/Trophy Guide Part 1

Fallout 4 – The First Step Achievement/Trophy Guide Part 1

Good Guy’s Guide to Fallout 4 – 04 – The First Step

Game: Fallout 4
Mission: The First Step
Console: PS4

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Hello, Friends! And welcome to Good Guy’s Guide to Fallout 4.This episode covers “The First Step”

After bringing Preston Garvey back to Sanctuary, he asks for your help protecting the settlers of Tenpines Bluff. Run over to Tenpines and ask them about the raiders. The settlers tell you that the gang is based out of the Corvega Assembly Plant near Lexington.

The building has dozens of raiders walking the perimeter and the front door is guarded by a machinegun turret. If you don’t like your odds here, then try one of the several other entrances to the building, including this secret entrance through a pipe. No matter which entrance you use there are plenty of enemies waiting for you inside. But like most Minutemen quests, you really only need to take out the main target: Jared. He is hiding in the highest point of the building’s interior and he can be quite difficult to locate. This is the fastest route I could find to get to him. Take the elevator and you pop out by this terminal. Hack into this novice level system and you can activate a protectron to do the dirty work for you. But this plan can also backfire. Sometimes it’s best to get the job done yourself.

To get into Jared’s encampment you need to make this running jump. On his body you will find the Corvega Safe Key. The safe itself is hiding in this inconspicuous location. Keep out indeed. Grab the Grognak the Barbarian comic for a boost to your critical hits. From there you can login to Jared’s Terminal and deactivate any remaining turrets. Jared also wrote log entries about his encounter with Mama Murphy. Other terminals in the building give a little back story to the gang. It seems Gristle, the raider boss from the mission When Freedom Calls, was a member of Jared’s crew also.

Exit the Corvega Assembly Plant and make your way to the highest point of the catwalks above the building. If not for the Repair Bobblehead then to take in this amazing view. Stop back at Tenpines Bluff to tell them of your good deeds. Then check in with Preston Garvey who rewards you with a flaregun. That concludes “The First Step”

Stay safe in the wasteland, and we’ll see you on the next episode of Good Guy’s Guide to Fallout 4.

Fallout 4: The First Step – Quest Walkthrough (Trophy/Achievement)

A quick video walkthrough guide for the side-quest, The First Step on Fallout 4. Also required for the trophy/achievement – Join the Minutemen.